Turns out Chap is a great guy! Drank the bar closed with him all within sight of the Atlantic.

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8 thoughts on “Turns out Chap is a great guy! Drank the bar closed with him all within sight of the Atlantic.”

    1. Well we drank so much Florida Lager that I fucked up taking the pictures. Excellent guy.  Believe it or not he can be as sarcastic in real life as he can over the computer.  Great conversation and view.  The moon rising over the ocean is something I never tire of.  December after X-mas and we were in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops.  Chap being from the great white north  For some reason (beer) I always end up hugging the people I meet from Space Ghetto in real life!  I thought I took five separate pictures but the next day there was only one dark, shitty one. EDIT: Sorry guys, I kept getting the white screen of death while trying to straighten this out. All OC. This is the color the morning glories were this year20151027 074543

      I can't get this picture flipped over.
      20151027 074554
      I checked the compression on all the cylinders and they all hit over 90psi. Put the new timing belt/tensioner/water pump on it and the bastard is making some kind of horrible noise so now I'm ripping the head off this S.O.B......
      20151115 151958
      Some angry dude called me a "Muttonchop Faggot" yesterday and cunt666 is the short one.
      20151228 000326
      Found this gem in a thrift store
      20160102 124215
      So far cunt666 and I have met Garciuh, Chap, Lethal Dose, Passout and Nutty666. It's always a great time!

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