This host is down more than up…

Fuck fuck fuck.  Anyone know of another host that says up front they won’t care about US DMCA takedown requests?

A man wearing a mask takes part in a parade marking the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim outside the Bialik Rogozin school in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tribal Man from Eastern Bengal, India- 1860's

A health ministry worker fumigates a house to kill mosquitoes to prevent the entry of Zika virus in Managua, Nicaragua Jan. 26, 2016. REUTERS

Portrait of a Muslim Ascetic (Madaria Faqir) - Eastern Bengal c1860

Dungeon shower?

That look!


Portrait of an Old Man - Eastern Bengal 1860's


Portrait of Two Indian Males - Eastern Bengal 1860's


A Family on Riverside with Boats and Village in the background - Eastern Bengal c1860's


Group Photograph of Six Adults and a Baby - Eastern Bengal 1860's





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8 thoughts on “This host is down more than up…”

  1. Another question is who is making all these complaints? And why does a complaint seem to mean that the site is taken offline completely? That’s bullshit.

  2. Ask Nigamajig.?.  It never hurts to ask.  He has experience when it comes to web hosting.   I can ask him if you like.  If he tells me to go get fucked I would understand.  I personally don’t have any hard feelings against the guy.  Tried to ask him to post here once in a while.

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