Head in the Cloud

Welcome to the new Space Ghetto Cloud Server! We now have 10x the memory we had before and hopefully in a day or two I will be able to step the security back down so we don’t have the CloudFlare delay screen protecting us from the bots. AND hopefully no more memory timeouts and white screens of death!

UPDATE 1.5.16 – so clearly we still have some memory issues.  Have asked host to add second CPU core, and add a Gig of RAM and a Gig of swap space. Hopefully that should be room to grow.  To those who have already donated to hosting – THANK YOU!!!!

UPDATE 1.6.16 Upgrade done, load has been reduced from almost 100% to 25%. Yay!

To anyone who can pitch in a few dollars to cover the hosting it will be appreciated!      

Have fun!


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9 thoughts on “Head in the Cloud”

  1. wondered what the cloudflare thing was. happy to have lurked here (under a few usernames) for close to a decade. good bunch of folks here (didn’t even mind cunty or tolland man that much [bender however] they still make me smile). gracias from an unknown, dude. and happy new years to all the old farts here.

  2. I’ll toss a few greenbacks your way once the DD clears the bank. Miss this place. Nothing brings out the weird in you like looking at images of a goat screaming at some chicks vagina…

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