Gonna go hang with the “Occupy Salt Lake folks later,,,here’s my sign.

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30 thoughts on “Gonna go hang with the “Occupy Salt Lake folks later,,,here’s my sign.”

  1. Hopefully on SLC’s agenda they intend to fight the massive gerrymandering that is currently underway in this state. If they aren’t, then what’s the point?

  2. I am probably in NYC either later this week or next…. I’m usually on Park, but will take a walk over and see if I can find some sane protesters to ask WTF they actually want someone to do.

    Cause the local Occupy protest was a bunch of nitwits who didn’t even know what they wanted.

    Which about sums up everything I’ve seen so far, including this.  I get the frustration, but WHAT THE FUCK… is this protest supposed to be accomplishing? 

    Other than a social gathering for a buncha peeps who are outta work.

  3. I fucking love this place,,,the grammar Nazi’s, the “Your software sucks” crowd and of course the b/tards who just dont fucking get it. What good will it do?? What good did it EVER fucking do for people to take to the streets and bitch about shit, when did that EVER do anybody ANY fucking good? Apathetic assholes,,,,you desrve what you get.

  4. The wifey and I are all for it. Keep money in local business, get involved with helping those who can’t help themselves, and speak out against corruption. I earnestly believe and attempt (and fail) to practice those. Also, for the love of god, get someone to make a better sign.

  5. Uhm.

    Sometimes you make good points, but you kinda suck at defending your position.

    I’m not kidding when I say I’m trying to figure out WTF they want.  This is NOT a normal protest with a set of goals.  The only goals here are so nebulous as to be indefinable in any practical way. 

    Protests on any number of things have had concrete purposes and goals in the past, just not this one that I’ve seen.  This seems like they’ve sat and watched mid east protests and thought “Whoah!  we should do that!” Except… without the whole violent overthrow or overwhelming numbers component.  Which is the only part that really did anything.

    As to your last comment.. YES!  I AGREE!  I too feel like I deserve what I get.  I work my ass off, have for the past twenty years, and have a damned nice salary as a result. 

  6. took no “Position”  the financial industry was allowed to create this
    mess and now they are being allowed to profit from it and it’s unfair
    and everyfuckingbody knows it and that’s a damned fact. What’s to be
    done,,,hell I don’t know but at the very least this should serve as
    their notice that our patience is worn pretty thin. I love how there
    seems to be this assumption that if your in agreement with this crowd
    that makes you some potsmoking, unemployed, hippy wanna-be. I’ve been
    working all my life, had a pretty good gig with a big corporation, good
    benefits, retirement, the whole shabang,,,that’s all gone now. Me and
    countless others took this giant fucking hit and they got giant bonuses
    for being at the helm when the shit hit the fan,,,,in the old days they
    would have had the common decency to jump out the fucking window but
    they were too big to fail,,,and apparently to big to be held accountable
    for any of it as well.

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