Fuckyou666 was my SS!

Dude. I loved all the goods. Great theme this year. I took out my Mossy over the holiday too. Then received this wonderful package……

Looking forward to that really close shave. Hopefully I wont take my head off! Those Case knives look fairly old too. Used to have a nice one many years ago but lost it. Now I have two. America does make quality stuff =) Sharpies will certainly be put to good use and that slinky fits perfectly! So a huge THANKYOU Secret Satan!

Sorry this took so long to post. Been working like a madman. Cheers!

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7 thoughts on “Fuckyou666 was my SS!”

  1. Hopefully you find these items useful.  From what I could tell you do some type of Electric work.  Low voltage data cable?  Anyway those are Case electrician knives one newer and one old.  Being a plumber I don’t know what the second blade thingy does for an electrician.  Do you have any idea?

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