38 thoughts on “you know you do it”

  1. honestly i wouldn’t mind except for the fact that one day i’m sure i’ll see my mom with a facial in one of your posts. i’ve got enough problems!

  2. I was just saying how pissed off I would be if I was looking at Cunty’s post and one of my nasty pictures showed up.  I’d beat some ass.

  3. I don’t really mind Cunty’s entirely gross posts, but every now and then he gets my hopes up by posting a hot chick or something interesting, then I scroll down to see the next image only to find a 72yr old, obese woman defecating on herself. I die a little inside every time that happens.

  4. yea that’s the trickery. first you’re all ‘hmmm… yeaaaa ok…’ then ‘OH GOD WHAT HAVE I SEEN’ then back to ‘hmmm oh nice’ then ‘SWEET JESUS CANNOT UNSEE THIS TAKE MERCY ON MY SOUL’. it’s like the gore pics switching back between tits and someone who has a 4×4 log stuck up his ass.

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