113 thoughts on “work for nothing mr.53%”

  1. I’m getting fucked over everyday by the same entities I risked my life to defend and I’m totally cool with it!!! He’ll figure it out here real soon,,,

  2. He will figure it out the moment him or one of his dependents comes down with a major medical condition and  discovers that with no medical insurance his and or their lives will only be worth what ever it is he can make every month and if that is not enough then they are not worthy to live the dream,,,,project much,,,you obviously don’t know what that means,,,now go fling some more poo,,,

  3. yeah all these protesting whiners should take note of a modern day success story of someone who served in the military, took 8 years to pay for a 4 year degree, has 2 jobs and has lived most of his waking life working for someone else and still can’t afford health insurance

    U!S!A! U!S!A! U!S!A!

  4. har har but I’m being serious. I don’t really know much about how it works or anything, but I remember when I was with disaster75, he was in the coast guard for 11 years and just had to have his discharge papers to be able to go to the vet hospital for free. I assumed that every branch got that perk after they were discharged. So this dude probably does have health care and doesn’t know it or chooses not to use it. 

  5. So there’s some stuff wrong with this picture. Every REAL Marine will tell you, “Once a Marine always a Marine.” You will never hear a REAL Marine refer to them self as a “former Marine”. If this dude was actually in the military, he would have a GI Bill to pay for a college degree. (I know this because I look forward to using my GI bill for a college education). He would not have to work 2 jobs for 8 years to pay for college. Retarded people need to stop blaming wall street and shut down the fucking Federal Reserve.

  6. It may be that this guy’s story requires further scrutiny as Im sure the hordes of the interwebs will do… It could very well be hes full of shit or at least exaggerating.

    Either way, what a boring cunt and Ive un-invited him to all my future partys, fucking control freak would probably try and hijack my BBQ tongs cos he’d have no idea how to enjoy himself, be a shit conversationalist, devoid of anything that didn’t relate to his job and feel like he’d need to be doing something costantly.

  7. If you had even the vaguest idea of what my experiences with the medical profession, health insurance, and catastophic health issues were, you would realize why I laugh at stupid shit like you say.  You have no clue……

  8. Question for the fine young Englishmen, what’s the deal with the Queen? why haven’t you killed the old hag off yet? I think you could melt down that carriage of hers and feed all of England for a day, maybe you guys aren’t haveing the same economic problems we are but I’m sure you could use the cash.

  9. a. I know that you know that if it was solid gold they wouldn’t be able to move the fuckin thing, it’s heavy in it’s gilded form. Being mostly wood, it’s difficult to melt.

    b. It’s her’s. She owns it. Her family have owned it for 250 years. Just because she’s the queen it doesn’t mean we can steal her stuff from her. And it’d be mean.

    c. She might need it. She’s only got eight. What if she wants to nip out for a kebab and can’t find the keys for the other seven?

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