Wood, you?

Rosaria Forcisi, Gens (People).

No further info.

Anna Block, Untitled, n/d.

Previous driftwood works by Nagato Iwasaki.

“ Couples. Sensuality. Sexuality. Love. My edit, no further info.

Son, get out of my room…


Nandi Sculpture on Chamundi Hill, Near Mysore, Karnataka - Circa 1895

Pavilion with the Monolithic Bull Nandi in the Brihadishvara Temple complex at Thanjavur (Tanjore) - Tamil Nadu, Circa 1895

My edit, no further info.

Love the 80s scans


Camille Mariet:

Seriously bored… reality porn maybe…

Johnson Tsang:

Totally looks like

Image result for margaery tyrell

That 70s Show:


Ben Zank:

Susanna Martin:

Chris Dyer:

Landon Meier mask:




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