who else loves this show?

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43 thoughts on “who else loves this show?”

  1. So what do you all think: are the white walkers showing up BEFORE or AFTER the Starks/Lanisters/DothRaki fuck each other up?

    I’m indifferent to book-spoilers, but others here probably wouldn’t appreciate.

  2. love it yeah, it’s family time fun at my house, waiting for the d/ls to roll in round midnite and curling up on the couch stylz, the whole house together.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, Everything I’ve ever seen Peter Dinklage in (and he ALWAYS plays a badass) I’ve never once thought him cool, annoying at best. But now, wow.

  4. Been listening to the audiobooks at work. I will jizz allwhere when the next book finally comes out.
    I need to get around to watching the series though.

  5. i dont think i would want to see twin incest doggystyle sex or a man instructing two prostitutes on how to finger fuck each other while sitting with my family in the living room. but that’s your prerogative.

  6. from what  i understand the books portrayed him as somewhat ugly though. i prefer the sexy dwarf badass.

    i heard they have dicks the same size as men of normal height……

  7. The early books don’t really speak of his looks so much as how he and others feel about how he looks. I don’t think anyone finds dwarfs attractive in Westeros so it might seem like he’s physically ugly when he’s really just a freak to people. He is… made more grotesque later in the series.

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