39 thoughts on “Which one do you have?”

  1. Sadly my ass is flat. But I’ve been working on it recently and it’s improving, little by little. I doubt I’ll ever have a nice ass but I’ll be happy with just a better ass.

  2. I almost got myself in trouble with this damned picture today. Showed it to someone special, pointed out the flat one and laughed about my ass being flat. She then proceeded to ask me which one I would say hers would be categorized as… I think I managed to talk my way out of picking one. I didn’t lie, I just told her how much I love seeing her ass, how much I enjoy seeing her so it shouldn’t matter what label is on it. She excites me a great deal but the name on the picture wasn’t very flattering so I sure as hell wasn’t going to say it to her.

    Entrapment laws should apply to budding relationships as well dammit.

  3. Oh I should have seen it too. As soon as she asked I Was like “Fuck. Why didn’t I think about that”. But sharing stuff from the Ghetto with her is such a common thing and I had already showed her several other images only moments before. It simply didn’t occur to me. It was just another picture and some mildly self deprecating humor.

    You may make a habit of looking both ways before crossing the street but there’s going to be that one time that you’re in a hurry and forget to look, that’s when you get nailed by the bus. I was quick enough to jump out of the way this time.

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