35 thoughts on “Whats your poison Ghetto?”

  1. I like my scotch like my women.  Twelve years old and mixed up with coke.


    But seriously either Sky over rocks, or Crown Royal straight up. And it tastes a little better if you know you can leave without payin’.

  2. Bourbon over all, pref. Basil Hayden’s or Blanton’s
    Whiskey – Yamazaki or Hibiki
    Vodka – Double Cross
    Brandy – Cardenal Mendoza

  3. Here are some recent favorites of mine. Two of these brews are nearby me, and wanted to try them out. However, I prefer a Hood Canal Pale ale Dosewallips most of the time.

  4. gin and tonic with extra lime for hard alcohol. For beer, it depends on the season. My favorite is shipyard pumpkinhead ale, but that is only a fall thing. 

  5. Ninkasi makes some good beers, but Dogfish head blows me away, they have some really unique blends. I’m dying to go on a brew tour there.

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