What’s the worst job that youve ever had?

I seriously believe I landed the worst job ever… make me feel better by telling me of your worst job that you have/had. And why! Maybe some pictures!

I seriously believe I landed the worst job ever… make me feel better by telling me of your worst job that you have/had. And why! Maybe some pictures!

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40 thoughts on “What’s the worst job that youve ever had?”

  1. I worked at an oil change shop when I was 16. I made $5 an hour and we only did 2 cars a day, 14 hours a day. I worked with a retarded person (literally retarded) and this was pre smart phone, so I had to hold a conversation with a retarded man for 14 hours.

  2. I had a brief stint as a stripper last summer. I loved getting dolled up and shaking my ass on stage and getting $$$ but I hated dealing with the customers and other dancers and having to give lap dances. Most of the time I just felt like I was being payed to get sexually harassed.

    pic of me in my work clothes:

  3. I worked at a pet shop that sold puppies from mills. One of them had no anus (just a hole for shit to pour out of) and a gimped ear. The owner missed these things when inspecting the dog, and sold it to some people.
    Also regular outbreaks of parvo and kennel cough. It’s a good thing they were shut down – oh wait, they’re still in business.

  4. I didn’t think it was possible, but that room looks sadder than mine.

    My one strip club experience, a friend secretly covered me for a lap dance. I couldn’t have been less into it. I started asking the girl stuff like what else she did for a living. She got the hint and stopped, and we chatted about doing fire tricks while stripping. Needless to say, strip clubs ain’t my thing, mainly due to having to be near the guys that probably pissed you off.

  5. At my old job, I worked for a sexual harassing pig who hired hot women and started their wages at $3 more than my wage, we made sandwiches with pesto that was over a year old, used meat that was a week past expiration, cheeses that had mold, and not bleu cheese.  It was quiznoes…not the worst of the worst jobs, but sucked…the harder you work, the less you get paid, the less you work, the more your liked, the bigger the tits with the lack of a dick, the more you got paid

  6. k here’s the plan you and I go halfsies on a big lots shopping spree for all new furniture

    she videotapes herself clonking around in clear platform heels running into her all new overstock digs

    k ready break

  7. I tended to enjoy, or at least not hate, the menial jobs I held – welder, painter, summer mower boy at a college, security guard, fry cook, stuff I’ve even forgotten about by now – but the one job I hated, that made me seriously contemplate suicide as a way out, was working in the accounting division at the corporate headquarters of a major drug store chain – I’d applied to work in the warehouse, but I made the mistake of noting that I knew how to use a computer.  The longest year and a half of my life, and the worst by far.  Yet it was, compared to the descriptions of the other jobs in this comment chain, a pretty decent job.  I just hated it.

  8. demolishing a house in 40C/104F weather for a psychotic swiss man who smoked cuban cigars while operating a jackhammer, all fucking day. he was a fat bastard cunt, and he didn’t even break out in a sweat.

    i did it for one day to get away from my real job which was to work as a printer for a university. my boss there was a horrid looking scots woman in her late forties who had breath like ass. she constantly drank coffee and pretended to be smarter than me. 

  9. one thing i have learned from the internet; if a girl takes a photo of
    herself nude or scantly clad, some strange room messing’ing up imp
    arrives and destroys the place 2 seconds before the photo is taken.

  10. my best job and worst job are the same one. i guess its more good days vs bad days.

    good day = handing a rehabilitated animal over to a family that will love it forever.

    bad day = putting down 100+ animals with a bolt gun that keeps jamming. 

  11. I’m curious of your story. My old roommate works at a group home and has said that he had more trouble with co-workers than the residents. Have you ever been in the same situation?

  12. holy shit! we only use bolt guns on sheep and cattle here in oz! what kind of animals are you sending to the land of wind and ghosts with your bolt, roads?

  13. I’ve always enjoyed my jobs for the most part. 

    I had a buddy who worked for a disaster cleanup company, one story he told me was of a fire in this house of a family of hoarders. The sewer main burst from the heat and he ended up spending several days shoveling shit in july with these crazy people around screaming about not throwing stuff away
  14. I worked for a shithole screen printing operation on the wrong side of town in Greenville, SC in my early 20’s. The “manager” was a crackhead loser that happened to be from my hometown, where the police ran him off after another addict was found dead in a field of an overdose (cops knew he dumped the dude after ODing him, but couldn’t prove it). This guy was all class. Once showed me some artwork for T-shirts he was printing after hours…for the KKK. Lots of casual labor whitetrash. The type of people that eat potted meat and crackers everyday for lunch because they blew their check over the weekend on cheap booze, crack and legal bills/fines. I hated that place and stayed there less than a year.

  15. Considering I’m a manager, yes. Most of my staff are horrible bitch cunts. My clients on the other hand, are the most awesomest people ever. 

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