41 thoughts on “What were you doing 20 years ago today? Here’s what I was up to:”

  1. I was in …second grade?  Yeah.  In Provo, so we had year-round school schedules there.  I was either at school learning my times tables and pining over our student teacher who I thought was a time-travelling version of my cute neighbor who had just moved away, or on one of my off days hanging out with my mom and aunt doing something fun like tossing rocks into a lake or hanging out at a craft store.  …certainly not creating ridiculously long sentences.  Whatever.

    Congratulations.  You both look very happy together.

  2. I was 7. I learned an ‘easy’ way to write 1991… by writing four 1’s and adding circles to the middle two.
    That’s all I got. I don’t remember a whole lot.

  3. Ah, there Peristyle. A classic nola wedding location. Mine was up by the cannon across from Jackson Square.

    Also, I was 11. I was probably doing something dumb.

  4. Doing the same getting married, but mine was prego. Working as chief. Drinking. Oh yea finding out my mom had cancer, she hung on to see my son, bless her….    🙂

  5. 10 years old. Started going to a new and bigger school. Probably being a nervous wreck wandering in the halls, hoping not to get lost.

    Beautiful wedding photos. Thank you for sharing.

  6. happy 20th!  my lady and I celebrate our 8th anniversary of co-habitation tomorrow.

    20 yrs ago today I would have been 12 yrs old, just starting high school, scared shitless.  

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