What happened to the “Ignore user” option?

Some of this shit is totally ridiculous

Some of this shit is totally ridiculous

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27 thoughts on “What happened to the “Ignore user” option?”

  1.  if you look at every fucking post to the point that it BOTHERS you then
    WHY THE FUCK haven’t you seen this talked about on countless other
    posts? AT THE VERY FUCKING LEAST you could post a photo or something
    when you whine.

    may i also point this out to you….

    you have contributed NOTHING to the ghetto. no posts, no comments. NOTHING. why the fuck should anybody bend to you?

  2. I laughed so hard when I saw this. I started looking at SG last year, and as much as I sometimes hate cunty  (<3) I would never dream of ignoring anyone here. Everyone’s posts make ghetto so desirable to read. The good the bad the ugly and the…. cunty =)

  3. dammit cunty, you’re awesome

    If you’re bothered by content, SG isn’t the place for you—go somewhere that’s more heavily moderated instead of complaining about what is the very essence of this site

    And what Illiad, Haterocket, and crossroads said

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