What does Space Ghetto mean to you?

This is a question that I have wanted to ask here for many years. I have been a part of space ghetto since around 2010 I think. I first found space ghetto while looking for the origin of a photo. I spent weeks and weeks going through every single page (around 2500 or so pages). I found so much inspiration in the artwork and photos. For me space ghetto is a place to get inspired.

So I ask all of our members, what does it mean to you? Is is simply a place for weird pics and videos? Is it the community? Is it a weird mix of horror and delight?

A collection of Mr Personality for your time:


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13 thoughts on “What does Space Ghetto mean to you?”

  1. Been on for a fair while myself. It started off with horrified fascination that a site would have so much content that synched with my own sensibilities. Then it became community, especially when we had the Minecraft server (yes, that was my “love you” sign, HateRocket!), and for a while, I was contributing (though most or all of my stuff is gone with server crashes and changes – and I never did save the pictures of my canned haggis opening, alas). Now I just enjoy cruising the new entries. Still the horrified fascination combined with nostalgia, I guess.

  2. I was a fairly active poster around 2005 when there were fewer online options. Spaceghetto was quite lively with participants back then and there were many memorable posts, though hardly recalled now. As I recall though, a very few participants, sadist trolls I guess, would flood the site with grotesque content like police file murder scenes and other distasteful or discomforting content. Like a favorite public park that transitions to a dreadful homeless squat, it seemed Spaceghetto became much less attractive to most participants and apparently hosting services. “Server not found” was common at one point. About 2006, I was drawn to several Tumblrs, new and cool and awesome and brilliant. Spaceghetto thoughts faded. My family life came into sharper focus. Time flew. In 2020, I looked at some old bookmarks including the old Spaceghetto, it was gone. But finding the new Spaceghetto, it was good. Many of the old familiar page banners were still cycling, that set apparently unchanged since 2003 or something. Page after page of current posts were often stunning. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Scrolling back in time, page after page, an hour here another there, some this month some next. Almost all of it was captivating until about 2016 where dead image links dominate most pages. I must tell you, pages 1 to 400 were big fun. Before that, content seems broken, or can only be served up after a server coughing fit phlegm. Pardon that because I find myself rewarded by URL editing to /page/222/ or /page/98/. Recently, in reciprocal gratitude, I thought to awaken my old login and to post again, contribute well to the commons if you will. It seems likely I’ve only habituated here due to the outstanding body of contributions by staff members and other active posters, –garciuh- in my mind a standout contributor.

  3. This place is awesome! I have found no other image site that has the diverity that this one does. And SpaceGhetto always delivers, and it even makes it’s own gravy as well!

  4. I had fun making some of the top page banners that are actually still shown once in awhile. Given the advent of 24/7 social media, s_g has a lessened impact but I still come around once in awhile to look around the old place. Peace out ghetto.

  5. I found Spaceghetto back in its livejournal phase. I’ve been tenaciously clinging to it whenever I could. I always come back for my dose of absurdity. I love this place and I appreciate the effort it takes to keep it going.

    I’ve contributed a bit, but my efforts are yet lost to the sands of time. The links are broken.

    In this place I find like minds. Whether or not they’re like-minded.

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