What did you do for Halloween last year ghetto? Here I am as a snail.

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41 thoughts on “What did you do for Halloween last year ghetto? Here I am as a snail.”

  1. My friend Eric (left) was 2 in the pink 1 in the stink, 2 random ppl, me (right) a ballerina with armpit n snatch merkin. Too cheap and lazy to do anything different this year, will prob wear the same thing.

  2. i posted the “giant baby” photo here after last Halloween… then it made it’s way around the internet a little:

    http://izismile.com/2010/11/03/daily_picdump_130_pics.html – scroll to #32
    http://thechive.com/2011/01/04/chicks-camera-mirror-20-photos/ – #3

    these last two are bad links now, but they once existed…
    http://spaceghetto.st/sgd/index.php?q=node/62132 – original post


  3. My favorite was when a kid was ME for Halloween! I look fucked up in this but thats why I love this pic. I’m a coach and when staff was having a party on Halloween some of the kids showed up as us. This kid was the tallest one in the band, I’m just a hair over 5 ft.

    Unfortunately he died in a car accident a few years after this was taken. 🙁

    (also that is a jar of bugs in his hands…how well he knew me :3)


  4. Yeah I saw those recently, but I wasn’t running around going “LOOK EVERYONE I’M JAPANESE!”. I was a geisha, which came from Japanese culture but it’s still a profession. It’s not like a taped my eyes back or did some racist Japanese impression. It wasn’t my ideal costume by any means either, I just had the makings for a geisha so I went as one.

  5. No one can make fun of a ________, unless they themselves are one.  Another stupid rule invented by Liberal crybabies and enforced by Liberal tattletales.

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