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  1. did you not pay attention?

    the bank no longer exists.  nobody knows who actually holds the note, and without producing it, they can’t get legal status to negotiate with him or break his period of possession.  it’s unlikely that will be sorted out anytime soon.

    i think it is far more likely that the neighbors will set fire to the house or otherwise render it uninhabitable.  without valid homeowner’s insurance, he’d have to pay the entire amount to reconstruct the dwelling, and the neighbors could block any zoning variance to permit a smaller structure.  no doubt it is illegal to camp on the site.

    that said, i so want to see this dude win.  most of the adverse possession luck-outs have been snotty rich kids.  good to see a working man figure out how to beat the system.

  2. Even if he doesn’t make it the 3 years to keep it, at least he’s got many months of no mortgage/rent to worry about. He could save and buy a house if they find a way to throw him out.

    I do hope he keeps that shit though, guy’s a hero.

  3. what do these fucking cunts down the street care? they’re looking for legal ways to get him out?! WHY?! he should file harassment papers and go for that bitches house too. she’s on the record saying he’s ‘a squatter’ on the news. that sounds like defamation of character. anyway that’s what they get for living in some drab suburb cookie cutter mcmansion neighborhood.

  4. The problem isn’t only title, they also have to show the note.  A lot of the issues with foreclosures is that these loans have been sold so many times, the actual paperwork is lost in some storage space, never to be found.  Since this has gone public, I’m sure BoA has it’s top interns digging through everything they can, but if they can’t find the actual paperwork, they can’t legally foreclose on the previous tenant. 

    The taxes will have to be paid, sure, and are backlogging.  If he ever takes possession of the hosue, he’ll have to pay the back taxes.  That said, 5 years of backtaxes plus 16 dollars is still a GREAT deal on a house like that.

  5. Fuck it, the nigga beat the system. As long as he can pay the property taxes & not be a disturbance to teh neighborhood, then good luck to him.

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