Wednesday, July 13 @ 10:53:30 am

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26 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 13 @ 10:53:30 am”

  1. Oh fucking whaaaa.
    Cancel your service and use Redbox.

    Christ you cant beat their streaming service for $7.99.

    But I will be dropping the mail side – $2.00/week for one at a time just doesnt make sense.
    But not going to complain.

  2. I’d stick with streaming in a heartbeat – if like half the stuff I wanted to see wasn’t DVD only.  Eh, not an issue worthy of outrage; either I continue paying or I don’t.

  3. i’m still trying to decide if i want to make the move to streaming only. i don’t like the idea of being limited with what i can watch, but i am a cheapskate…

  4. Yeah, I never watch the dvds.  We have the plan where you get one and it usually sits in the living room for 2-3 months before we get around to watching it because we stream 99.999% of the time.

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