Vampire Animal dude Gives Spaceghetto a Thank you!

He’s watching us O.o?

He’s watching us O.o?

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13 thoughts on “Vampire Animal dude Gives Spaceghetto a Thank you!”

  1. also, SOCKPUPPETS.

    Edit: I don’t think he will let this one through:

    @jheredia2  I know you need the views, with your pathetically unpopular ‘show’ on ‘the tube.’ Call it charity. I notice you are not addressing any of the issues I’m raising, instead choosing to resort to ad hominem attacks from the get-go. So once again: your videos suck, your humorous delivery sucks and -at a guess- 80% of the comments (not to mention views) on this video were made by you, using different accounts, because you suck.

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