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  1. I would like to disagree, but often times, in some way or another… it’s true. Obviously not that high of a percent are clinically psychotic, but bullshit manipulative emotional mind games are often conditioned into women at a young age. Whether it’s society or some fucked up social dynamic we’ve structured, it ain’t healthy, but it’s so very common.

  2. Last girlfriend I had was insane and probably had borderline disorder. Instead of going through a big messy fight that would turn into either me losing more of my self respect because I probably would have ended up caving, I broke it off with her over the phone (and it sounded like she was being killed on the other end of the convo), and mailed her back all her stuff. Over a year of misery gone in an instant!

  3. Well… I don’t condone that tactic of ending a relationship because it’s irresponsible, cowardly, and all in all a dick move. I can understand it when you’re dealing with someone who’s desperate, and can’t rationally accept your request. Although giving her your time out of respect for the relationship you two had, and your honest feedback she needs for closure is very vital. Otherwise it’ll just aggravate her emotional instability and make matters worse for herself or potentially you.

    But sometimes even that isn’t enough for some people, cause you can’t feed logic to a crazy person. That’s when you have to act cold(or put on your asshole hat), if you sincerely feel like you’ve given her ample amount of time/reasons why you want the relationship to end.

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