Tuesday, August 16 @ 1:27:54 pm

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32 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 16 @ 1:27:54 pm”

  1. Protesting is cool

    Fuck the haters

    Sycophant system-defenders like the person calling for violence against people who can’t write their language perfectly need to be put down.

  2. I got arrested, do I get my picture taken?!!??

    Hold on, lemme get mai cool nosering to look best on teh internets.  Can you sees tattoos from that angle?!!

    Protesting hasn’t solved anything in 40 years except to stroke bored narcissistic asshole’s egos. 


    /me make em big post!


  3. I mostly agree with this.  Its nearly impossible to organize enough people to disrupt access to the money river without violence occurring.  Even if the protesters behave perfectly, well, we all know what happens then…

  4. it is if you’ve been here fifty million years and you want to respect the sharp and highly intelligent commentary that I’ve seen.  If that’s not your experience, can’t help help you, doop.

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