trolland man can still get it up

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37 thoughts on “trolland man can still get it up”

  1. When a child has trouble expressing himself with words, he often throws a little fit in frustration.  If it’s a really hysterical, out of control, senseless fit, it is sometimes called a hissy-fit.  This, my friends, is a hissy-fit extrordinaire.  Enjoy!

  2. We all looked and know what his history is. We still don’t get it. Are you trying to become Tolland Man, or are you trying to make fun of him with an utterly ironic and lame attempt at irony?

  3. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and flattery in this case, will get him nowhere. He proclaimed that he was through with me and that I had been a mere dalliance, a time waster while he waited for the paint on his model cars  to dry or something.  Now he misses me. But I’m gonna need a good, tearful, slobbery, humiliating dick suckin’ before I let him back in. And they better be real tears ruining that mascara.  I know how the fake ones taste.

  4. Do you see what the fuck you started?  You have driven the Cast-iron Nookie completely insane with jealousy.  For God’s sake! Make a post mentioning him before he starts shooting people. I have never seen anything like this in my entire fucking life.  What a twisted tribute. I dig it. 

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