Transgender people should have a whole separate new bathroom built for them. As a plumber this is my official stance!

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6 thoughts on “Transgender people should have a whole separate new bathroom built for them. As a plumber this is my official stance!”

  1. I have a counter argument that nobody has, to date, been able to rebut.

    Opposite-sex attendants are permitted to accompany disabled persons into the restroom, i.e. a man pushing his wheelchair bound wife into the ladies’ room and help her on and off the throne. What’s to prevent a pair of perverts from posing as such and using that ruse to attack women and young girls in the restroom? Where are the panic-based bills to outlaw the practice of opposite-sex attendants in the restroom?

    The answer is, of course, what should be the same logic-based answer to all this horseshit about transpeople in the bathroom: there are already existing laws on the books to protect against people being attacked in a public restroom. Preventing me or my MTF friend from being able to take a piss without being subject to harassment, assault, or arrest won’t keep “THE CHILDRENNNNNNNNUH” any safer.

    1. The way I see it if you go into the bathroom with the intention of just USING THE BATHROOM then you are fine no matter what gender, age, height or color.  On the other hand if old Rapey McToucherson decides that they are going to do something malicious I don’t believe that the sign on the bathroom door is going to stop that person from doing something malicious.  As a Plumber/Pipe-fitter by trade I think everybody should have separate bathrooms!  Maybe we can build them by age and height too. Nobody likes to use that urinal down at the floor anyways!  Disney has it figured out because they always build a men’s room, women’s room and a companion bathroom in between the two so that way if there are handicapped individuals or multiple small children and only one adult or just somebody that’s pee shy they can have that extra level of privacy if needed.  All kudos to Disney aside I certainly don’t think that trans people should feel pressured to use the companion bathroom.  It all comes down to these asshole uptight Republicans are afraid of things they don’t understand. Did you have mensroom apprehension during your transition? Was that a hurdle to overcome or was it no big deal? This is all assuming that you take that mangina of yours to the mensroom of course. I would imagine if you started walking into ladies rooms that you would be called a pervert and arrested. Has anyone ever given you shit about which restroom you were using? I always loved the fact that if you and another gay dude get married it’s technically not gay in the eyes of the state or god/jesus but it would be the GAYEST thing ever!

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