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37 thoughts on “tomorrow”

  1. The strong eat the weak. This is how it has always been. This is how it shall always be. Become strong enough to prey on the weak or shut the fuck up and get eaten quietly like the good little bitches that you are. All throughout this entire protest all I’ve heard is, “waaahh waaahh waaahh, they fuck us over and we don’t have a plan to get even or even get ahead and move on with our live so we’re gonna act like a buch of spoiled 3-year-olds and sit in the streets throwing tantrums until mommy & daddy get sick enough to spank us. Then we’re gonna cry some more about the pain. waaahh waaahh…” You got fucked. It’s life. it happens every day everywhere. So either get even in a more appropriate and devious way or shut the fuck up and get your dumb ass out of the streets. Or even better: freeze to fucking death out there, that way there will be no more unemployed to bitch about the fact that they can’t find jobs besides the ones that no one wants (even them) and we can all get back to progress. You know how much we can cut the deficit by if all you protesters died off just through unemployment and welfare alone? My god, we may actually be several billion dollars closer to balancing the budget, and the only money we’ll have to spend is in digging mass graves around the country to pile all your entitled frozen corpses into. It would be glorious!

    Also if you think police are so bad here when they beat you up after telling you to politely get the fuck out, try pulling shit like this in a different part of the world where police don’t exactly have the same set of “guidelines” to follow.

  2. The rich fish are still rich enough to eat shark, dumbass. It’s not the big eating the small, it’s the strong eating the weak (see my earlier post if you’re still confused). They are monetarily stronger than you and because of that they own people that they sic on you to put you down if you do something that they disagree with (see J.P. Morgan donates $4.5 mil. to the NYPD). What makes you think occupying the street is gonna do anything other than influence the rich to make new public property laws against this sort of thing where the cops can actually fine and incarcerate your dumbass for loitering; right now it’s just a quick in and out. So yes, by all means continue fighting the fight. They will continue to not give a fuck [win] unless you go through the proper channels with more money than they have, and since you’re all broke because you spent all your money on a new iPhone, a Nikon DSLR, and an 1/8th of weed, you’re not going to get anything done. Get a fucking job, make money, get involved in politics (run for office, get elected, etc.), and then see if you can do something about changing the world because no one takes you the least bit seriously standing in the middle of the street, blogging on your tumblr account about how bad you got it, and smoking a joint with your angry face on. Us working folk are laughing at you, and the politicians – who used to have respect for you until you became a public safety concern – have moved on to business that’s just more important than a bunch of wimpy hipster school brats freezing their asses off because they’d rather do that than get a job and live comfortably in a nice warm apartment somewhere.

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