6 thoughts on “reruns and oh see and stuff and other crap”

  1. Bravo!! Very much liked. The “Andre the giant has a posse” sticker used to be on a stop sign, in w.v., that my buss would stop at everyday. I saw that sticker for over 3 years before it was gone. That was in like ‘92, or earlier.

    1. My coworker at a sticker shop I worked at a million years ago made a few dozen brown vinyl stickers in the shape of a cartoon turd with the word “poop” on them in bright yellow comic sans. I placed about 25 of them throughout Salt Lake City in the summer of 1999. They were high quality, UV resistant, waterproof and really way too nice to stick on random street signs and LDS church parking lots but, yeah, I pooped on SLC. That city was so squeaky clean they were probably all scraped off within a week. I should’ve put them up at home in Southern California- they’d probably all still be here.

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