57 thoughts on “Thursday, August 25 @ 4:31:30 pm”

  1. *slow clap*

    Holy fuck, there is no way that is real. There is no neck, no clavicles. There is no bone structure, no ribcage, no shoulders – the “arms” would connect to nothing. All that burning and still hair on the top?
    Fuck, if somehow I’m wrong and it is real, just kill it.

  2. Found more pics. I don’t know what to think. Some shots make it look plausible, others totally fake. I hate motherfuckers on the internet calling shit fake – but I’ve got a pretty good working knowledge of anatomy, which is all I’m basing this off. The shoulder width versus the size and shape of the head don’t add up to me. Typically, a single shoulder width is equal to the width of the head, but here it’s only a little bit – the shoulder would have to start mid clavicle. This would be alright if the kids head was extremely swollen, which it probably would be, but then you have an extremely long torso in comparison. Fuck, I just don’t know.


  3. Ol’ Cody “Mumblies” Kennedy. They stashed him away with poor Rosemary because his chronic public masturbation was just too much for the family to take.

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