78 thoughts on “Thursday, August 25 @ 3:21:28 pm”

  1. For just a quick moment, let us reflect upon this.  All your hateful words are directed toward other members of the Ghetto.  Well you’re upset, sorry for that, but if you want to start talking shit to the people of the forum YOU JOINED that might require some reevaluation on your part.
    You don’t join a club (yes, you’ll add a gay fag fuckbag club for sure, you are creative that way)…even still, you don’t join a club, group, or team to then go and tell all the members to go fuck themselves or their, I don’t know, you seem to be fond of say dad, fuck their dad! YAY!
    We’ll leave out possible paternal issues there and just return to the original matter; this is the Ghetto, if you don’t know what you’re doing fuck off, and if you don’t want to hear the harsh opinion of others, fuck off.  You want to post your stupid shit and never hear anything against you, create a tumblr account and disable the comments.

    Also, fuck off, much love

  2. Better luck next time. Pretty naive start; seriously though, some of the attacks were uncalled for and this is where the shit hit the fan – the newbie started throwing that back and there we go. First post and 50 or so replies. Time consuming. Why not just ignore that.

  3. oh goddammit guys now you pissed off my greek mom she just wanted to share something beautiful with me, my greek son, and you all had to pile on her because she seemed “different” and not “internet savvy”

    now thanks to you jagbags I hate to set my own cheese dishes on fire for the rest of the month while she mopes, thanks a fucking heap >:(

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