thirty-one ago


tumblr_my1m5oSOIC1qigaa4o1_1280January 28, 1986 The space shuttle Challenger falls to Earth photo tumblr_o59ljv7njY1rnbafjo3_400.gifThe crew of mission STS-51L on the way to board the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986 photo tumblr_o3xnjhBkpl1rnbafjo1_400.gifFrederick Gregory and Richard O Covey, at Mission Control in Houston watch as the Challenger shuttle explodes on take-off, killing all seven members of its crew. January 28, 1986President Ronald Reagan and his staff watch a video of the Challenger disaster. January 28, 1986.“.. And that they have, on the letter Ch? “was the Soviet children’s joke a few months later, when there was Chernobyl accident.   Of course, no one seriously thought that there was a link between the events, as about the true extent the danger of the Chernobyl accident


 photo tumblr_o9c7pqExMT1rnbafjo1_400.giftumblr_o6gyf0Pgqb1s7e5k5o1_1280 photo tumblr_o687qwDe181r94kvzo4_400.giftumblr_nnr18dJqwD1s7e5k5o1_500I can still remember the scratchy tickle in throat of the radioactive iodine and all the  things like window shades were yellow from it. photo tumblr_o687qwDe181r94kvzo5_250.giftumblr_oi50i66gUw1s7e5k5o1_500tumblr_myoc95diQh1s7e5k5o1_500tumblr_o68l29lmqR1su2ieno7_500 photo tumblr_mumgm0FMAF1qzfebyo1_400.giftumblr_o68l29lmqR1su2ieno1_500
annual rings before and after

I live in some twilight zone
tumblr_nsjds8MDUS1r8vrhxo1_500tumblr_ogxlq2lGZI1s5mucko1_1280media_httpbugnagzanaz_gbthn1.jpg.scaled10001tumblr_mqs0bajoKT1r1w416o5_500tumblr_mrgwplu29K1r8vrhxo1_500tumblr_oi5x7kK6rl1uz2g97o1_500tumblr_nres7q196D1sbpce7o1_500tumblr_nw122oPY8B1rlaql2o1_1280tumblr_mojxcxl5mt1qzwmsso1_500 photo 1_10.giftumblr_n17k4aACK81sjz7a3o1_500enough to evaluate me, you

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