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  1. tolland man said bear hands. when people blow up its awesome. for the past 50 years its been a who sucks less contest at president. we need a president who doesnt base his decisions on god.

  2. I love it when you guys blow up for Allan.

    Dirka dirka. Aiiiiieeeee! BOOM!

    And it’s Muslim bits everywhere.  Is that what they mean by “spreading Islam”?  Keep up the good work!

  3. Yeah, just like you prevailed in the last Crusades when you were run out of Europe by more advanced people to live in your shit-hole squalor again, fucking goats and marrying children.  Keep trying to get out and take over the world.  It’s fun bombing you ignorant cavemen and watching you fail.  

  4. You must visit Europe! We have Mosque everywhere! We are taking over Mid-lands in UK, and are big in Scotland! You will have Mosque on every road in America soon! Caliphate is coming Tolland Man, you will see.

  5. hehehe….  Even if I actually believed you were actually a real Muslim (which I don’t) I wouldn’t be getting upset. Muslims are so easy to upset and offend that it’s kinda like taking candy from a baby.  Or more accurately, like taking bacon from a blind, retarded, inbred, Allah worshiping, Muhammad’s dick sucking baby that was fathered by a Black American soldier…… there are a lot of those around, I hear.  Go ahead, build your Mosques so you’ll have a place to hide when we come for you. Hahahaha…..

  6. You deal with children before.  I care not that you believe what I am, it matters not.  What is funny is how ignorant even for a Kafir.  You make noises about Muslims and you don’t know difference between Sunni, Shiite, Druze, or the multiple of sects.   You think we are all the same, ignorant you are. You make noise like a woman with monthlies.

  7. Ignorant you are?!  Are you a fucking Yoda Muslim?  Hahahaha……… try again.

    And BTW all Muslims are the same.  Uncivilized, savage, fucking murderous cavemen.

  8. Most Muslims think Al-Queda are fools.  You think most Muslims are Al-Queda.  You are not clear on the concept.  You would not resist invaders?

  9. I am WELL aware that most Muslims dislike Al-Qaeda.  I’m also well aware that Muslims kill more Muslims ever year than we do.  I for one appreciate that and wish you continued success.  You people are awfully inclined to kill anyone whose religion differs from yours in any way unless they convert to YOUR particular brand of Islam or become your أهل الذمة . And therein lies the rub.  Islam will never give up. Neither will the كفّار . I know what the solution is and so do you.  It’s Islam or civilization. We will win. Now, go have a BLT and relax. I’m calling Indy…. The last Crusade is actually coming.

  10. Same can be said for your people.  How many 100s of thousands Iraqi’s you kill to bring us Democracy, and to steal resources.  You hate to cover your deeper ignorance.

  11. Anyone with any sense does NOT want to bring you fucking diaper-headed cavemen Democracy.  You stupid fucking Muslims will only elect other stupid fucking Muslims who, like you, also believe in Islam as a system of government as well as a religion.  Islamic people demand to be ruled by Islamic law. If they don’t, they are NOT really Muslims, are they? What we (the rest of the world) need to do is ……. well…… you know what we need to do. Everyday that you fucking savages commit another inhuman atrocity it becomes more clear.  And you primitive imbeciles certainly seem to be incapable of stopping yourselves. You’ve had hundreds and hundreds of years…… time’s up.

  12. So bombing civilian targets, killing children and women is okay as long as they are brown, and Arab, or at least Muslim?  As long as hands don’t get dirty, you are okay with atrocities.  The pigeon is coming home to roost, after 200 years of your adventures at other peoples cost.

    Every crime has it’s price.
  13. Islam is at war with the world.  Muslims have been at war with the rest of the world and have been committing atrocities against other peoples for hundreds and hundreds of years. They continue today and are greatly enhanced because of access to big oil money. Smart Muslims know that they have only one real shot at world domination (demanded by Islam), and that is now, while you are still oil rich. But you will fail, because underneath it all, you are still primitive, savage, cavemen. Actually, more like rabid dogs. You kill us, you kill each other…  you even kill your own children. And if that’s not enough, you talk each other into killing yourselves. And you REFUSE to change.  Yes, every crime DOES have it’s cost.  Time for you to pay for yours, Muslims.  

  14. You of course don’t even know your own history and complicity.  You are a blind hostage to a history you ignore at your peril.  A couple of thousand die in the west.  Of course this is a horrible tragedy.  What person would not think that?  Yet when your forces kill hundreds of thousands you turn your back, as they are different from you.  You have an illness in that you cannot see past your own.

  15. I know what Muslims do, and I know why they do it.  So do you.  And it’s not because of anything other than Muhammad’s teachings. You have the illness.  It’s called Islam.

  16. Please, you are smarter than that.  If you go by that, we share a common illness, as your religion is from the same source.  What has saved the west has been the slaughter of millions.  In Europe, they know this.  They have the graveyards.  You have television and a lack of knowledge.  Much of what you have benefit from originated in the East.  You might try reading history sometime.  You might move past your ignorance.  

  17. Your stated assumptions show that it is your ignorance that is being displayed here.  You say that my religion is from the same source?  And just what is my religion?  You have no idea, only that it is not Islam. And yet you accuse me of thinking all Muslims are alike.  You have given yourself away. You are a true Muslim.  It’s you against the entire non-Islamic world.  Good luck.  You think you are superior.  You will be proven wrong and Islam as you know it will die.  The sooner the better.

  18. You think this is personal when I say “your religion”?  no, it was about the source of your culture.  We are all people of the book, and that is no the Quaran, but what you call the old testament.  Western civilization is based on christianity in large part, which source comes from the old testament.  That is the common ground.  

    There are many streams within Islam, some tied to far older teachings, just as there are in the west.
    Islam is in a state of flux.  There is no one Islam, though the sources are similar.  Are you like Jerry Falwell, or the pope?  I don’t think so.
  19. So why do Muslims hate the Jews (also people of the Book) so intensely? What about your common ground with them, the “apes” you so despise? 

    Islam teaches Muslims that ALL others are to be subjugated, converted or killed. That is only ONE of the myriad reasons you and your kind suck so incredibly hard on a pig penis. Islam is in a state of war, not flux, and it was absolutely inevitable.  At war within itself and war with all others.  It cannot help but lose. But you fuckers are sure making a mess on your way out, aren’t you? 

  20. Not all Muslims hate Jews.  Jews lived peacefully among Muslim populations for hundreds of years, unlike the warm welcome they got in Europe.  This is a recent thing, tied to the diaspora of Palestinians.  It will one day pass, as people learn to talk again.  The Sephardim were welcomed when they were persecuted in Spain and elsewhere.  Surely you know this history.

  21. Not all Muslims hate Jews, and not all Muslims explode either (I do consider the “not all Muslims exploding” part unfortunate), but enough do hate Jews AND explode, that it is the biggest problem in the world today. 

  22. A thousand years in some places, but that does not mean they weren’t heavily discriminated against or occasionally massacred.  They whole Nazi-Arab alliance was about power, not the palestinians.

  23. I don’t hate Islam.  I just don’t see how it can coexist with the rest of the world. And if it’s gonna be Islam or me, I want it to be Islam that goes. 

  24. I recognize that there are many different visions of the west.  It is the same here.  There are highly educated people who are not Wahabites, and the vast majority of Muslims have little use for them, as from what I gather that most people do not accept extremist either.  Everywhere, people are the same, even if their beliefs are different.  There are so many challenges and problems that we all need to work on together.

  25. Murder rates in the US are falling off a cliff so I would think you are even dumber, but if you want to switch to a less in-fashion bigotry I would not mind.

  26. Culturally, you are correct, but our humanity, and capacities are very much the same, (even if you do have a bit more of the neanderthal than those from elsewhere… Ha!)

  27. Murder rates are still higher for Blacks than for Muslims.  Disagree? 

    (and thanks for saying bigotry instead if racism, I get sooooo tired of explaining the difference to stupid fucks out there)

  28. America was such the trend setter! You did this to your own people instead of invaders! How cool is that?!?!?  Look at this, for you it was family entertainment!

  29. The problem with your argument is that your pictures are very old.  Want me to post some of the shit you heathen, uncivilized, murderous, rat-bastards have done in the name of Islam in the last few years? You ignorant fucks commit heinous atrocities every single motherfucking day. You deserve everything that is coming to you.  And it is coming.

  30. You have hard time reading I take it.  You have a long history of killing the other.  The chicken is coming to roost with you soon.  You can bomb civilians, and call it policy all the like, but in the end sadly you must take responsibility.  You kill each other at such a rate that maybe no one else needs to do anything.

    With that said, you need to get treatment for that hate muscle.  It is deforming your heart.  
    You are not even aware of the historical record of the West with the Middle East, let alone the fact that your country was born out of genocide.  Ha!  You start the first concentration camps.  Nazi’s only had to look at your treatment of aboriginals in your country.
    Your government speaks about “democracy” out of one side of mouth, while arming dictators out the other.  Tell me smart guy who put Ghadaffi in power?  Hussein in power?  Who trained Osama and Mujahadin?  Come on, who funded Taliban?  Your country did.  You did with your complicity and ignorance.  
    You can’t understand why someone would want to fight back?  Why don’t the Jihadi’s just take what you are giving them?  Would you if someone repeatedly invaded your countries?  The west has not had to face any responsibility for its 200 years of occupying in Middle East, or South East Asia, and acts suprised when people here finally get tired of your shit?  Are you that ignorant?
  31. So NOW it finally becomes obvious what your true feelings are.  All this bullshit coming out of you about the peaceful ways of most Muslims, and then, when you feel insulted, just like ALL Muslims, you turn into the Muslim I DO hate.The Muslim that thinks another country’s ancient history gives him the right to commit atrocities against them today in the name of Allah. The Muslim that condones, by his inaction, the brutality of other Muslims.  The Muslim that condones the actions of the Muslim extremist, but is too cowardly to participate directly. You go ahead and keep on making excuses for Islam. Talk about our chickens coming home to roost? Your pigs are gonna come home to snuggle and suckle your young. You talk ancient history. I talk about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  The whole WORLD is growing to hate Islam.  The end of Islam as you know it end is near.  Better have a BLT and relax.  It won’t hurt as much.


    Oh, and “I have a hard time reading” ?

    You clearly have a hard time writing. So there.

  32. You crack me up.  You condone bombing by military of civilians but get funny when irregulars “terrorist” do it.  I condemn both.  Yes, I have problems with writing in a second language, get over it please.  And, it is late here.  You should visit sometime, and spend time with people that you smear with your pejoratives.  

    I condone Jihadis?  you again have problems reading.  My point again and again is based on your countries actions, and how shocked you are when people fight back. Simple.
    No, the whole world is not growing to hate Islam.  What they are learning is a secular society is preferable, which funny enough I endorse.  I could care less if you are Christian, Jew, or Muslim, or Hindu.  Just stay out of where I live, and quit treating us the way you do.  Quit giveing money to Gov’ts that repress their people.
    You are surely a good person, but you paint with a wide brush.  Johnny one note and all of that.  Come visit over here, come to Lebanon, or Turkey, Tunis, Egypt.  You will see that majority of people are good and tolerant, not like your Fox News paints.  I don’t understand how you think killing us solves anything, are you Jihadi or what.  Are you looking at the mirror and seeing your own hate?
  33. We can’t leave you alone till we have all your oil.  Even you should know that. Believe me, no one will come to that shithole once the oil is gone.  Pump harder, and we’ll be gone sooner.  LOL

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