6 thoughts on “The Ghetto doesn’t suck lately.”

  1. Love your posts!  I’ve been a ‘Ghetto lurker for many years and recently registered… but I can’t seem to put images into a post.  If I drag & drop a file, it says I don’t have permission to upload files.  If I insert an URL from Flickr, it just posts the URL, not the image.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help you can offer.  [email protected]

    1. Save the images to your computer and use an image hosting website like http://postimage.org/   Once on postimage, use the “Hotlink for Website”andcopy to clipboard.  In the Create new post section of Spaceghetto there are two options in the upper right hand corner, one for text and one for visual.  You want to click the text window and paste the previous copy from postimage.  After that you can click the visual tab and you can preview your post before you hit the blue publish button on the right hand upper side of the page.  Private message me on Spaceghetto if you can’t figure it out.  Good luck! 

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