T-Minus 28 Hours

To hiding under the covers for a week and feeling like a real asshole.

Anyone else feeling like shit?

To hiding under the covers for a week and feeling like a real asshole.

Anyone else feeling like shit?

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37 thoughts on “T-Minus 28 Hours”

  1. Sorry, I got a job that is about as good as a job can be without being something like the guy who gets to test out new porn actresses before they do a real video.  Outside of work, my life rules.  My girlfriend, who I live with, is doing my laundry RIGHT NOW and then we’re gonna go upstairs and have sex. 

    September is the month of fall and you get to pick apples and the weather goes cooler and the leaves start to change and then it’s October and you’ve got halloween!!!

    I’m sorry your life sucks.  You should kill yourself and stop wasting the oxygen of people who aren’t depressed and lame.

  2. My life doesn’t suck that hard, it just happens to be very inconvenient with select bad experiences that have either fucked me or left me questioning my self-worth.

  3. Pick up some Buddhist / Perennialist litrachore, do the work, try your damnedest to exercise right perspective, patience and mindfulness & I think your perspective will change radically. Think ’bout it this way: which self is it whose “worth” you’re appraising, and which self is it doing the appraising?

  4. 2 and a half hours now my kickstarter will fail. so, in turn, i feel like a failure. i was just kind of hoping to not have to go into debt this time around for making something people might actually want to see.

    But it’s not so much that I didn’t get the funds, but more of realization that most of my friends and family don’t really care about something that’s important to me. That somehow, I’m still a joke. That and the universe/internet is indifferent. I really needed help and I asked if people could just even spread a link and most people couldn’t even do that. I’m not mad, just bummed.

    I’m gonna find a way to make the flick work, but it’s probably not going to look as good as it could. Which sucks because I want this to be my career. Good filmmaking isn’t something someone can do alone or for free. If it was, I’d be fine.

    I probably sound like an asshole. I’ll be quiet and go away now.

  5. Well, see, when you explain it that way you don’t sound like an emo asshat, but a struggling artist.

    Your first mistake was Kickstarter.  Next time, Indie a go go!  You get to keep the money, even if you don’t make the full goal.

    Your second mistake, how much did you promote it?  I don’t think I even saw your Kickstarter page posted here.  Hell, i posted a link to the Theatre Bizarre documentary and I’m barely involved in that.

  6. “I probably sound like an asshole. I’ll be quiet and go away now.”  You sound like me, here.  That’s bad. 
    Got a phone call about a job while typing this comment.  Fuck it, I’m going for it.  You’ve inspired me.
    If you post something again about your film, I’ll remember and pass it on. 

  7. Be. More. Confrontational. 
    bigTrue has big fun because he asks for what he wants and doesn’t apologize for asking for what he wants
    It’s awkward when you first do it, but it gets easier.  And you will be amazed and surprised at all the paper tigers.  The most aggressive people are the easiest to defeat.

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