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 post within postThere will be a place where I will write something. Such a "sub-post", a post within the post.  I am not an adept of any doctrines, currents, faiths, etc.My judgments   pure from any ideologies, do not structure a covertly defined direction.    Impartial critical thinking.    I am an agnostic, in the meaning that I presuppose a certain horizon of cognition, which is constantly being pushed aside, as knowledge of the world comes in, and behind which the presence or absence is possible, of any states, deities etc photo Whereismyfooods_1.gifearly bird lunchzonama1a1avntr_cptlst photo vntr_cptlst_fshng_4_501c3.gif photo tumblr_ny2r1h4nYm1rdredko3_400.gif/a> photo tumblr_oii390gNPt1vpxp5uo1_500.gif photo marissa.gif photo tumblr_n4ysfjVuh81t3hbhyo1_500.gifGPMMZap Comix #6 - Страница 10Dope Comix #2 - Страница 21Dope Comix #2 - Страница 22Dope Comix #2 - Страница 23

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Perhaps, In the near future All of us will collapse in technological singularity, but today I do not know how to charge like a phone and therefore I'm sitting without food. I must have and will have a decent future, but for now I'm just trying not to get angry

Special attention! For Surrogate motherhood with use the CRISPR editing technique on human embryos needed carefully crafted embryo-editing research regulations, which require that researchers undergo a review by a government authority and receive a license before moving forward.  photo tumblr_mfchemotEU1qesseao1_400.gifphfsMideast Dubai Hyper Future

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it is possible that stable trends are not determined by the will of individuals,let them even occupy a high place in the administrative hierarchy, but by the socio-psychological regularities of the functioningthe existing communicative system.


tumblr_n6ku7x1uzk1tsyi3co1_500tumblr_n3e3tqRALd1sff1xno1_400The system is broken, and better is possible.Lou Bai & Sell HaiLou Bai and Sell Hai

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