40 thoughts on “so this website has been taking all of our posts!!!!”

  1. I think the phony rick moranis email is part of the whole lazy attempt of getting people to pay 50 dollars for a personalized email account (what is this, 1998?) 

    that or this site has actually gotten so lazy that they’re ripping off our membership to create a sense of mock community and that is sadder than the southeast asian knock-off industry


  2. makes sense.

    i was thinking it might be a lurker trying to create his own spaceghetto, because maybe he wasn’t accepted here? or maybe its just a sceem to get money?

    but what i do know is that i’m pissed off. fuck that fag and his website ripping people off for ideas that people already had, reposting content from here (this is’t fucking tumblr), and charging them 50 fucking dollars. it just shows their lack of intelligence to come up with something that didn’t already exist.. theres a post section called spaceghetto.. and hes calling is SG mail?? suck my d.

  3. give me a break! you fucking guys harvest images from all over the web , post them here and then get mad when someone posts them at a different website? like you actually own any of this shit?!? get over yourselves, no one owns this shit…..

  4. i’m not saying anyone has any ownership to these images.. if you post OC you loose ownership of that image (unless its watermarked, but that still doesn’t mean anything). its FOREVER in the internets.

    i get it…

    but in my mind its still kinda fucked up.

  5. Like Moses said, s_g should go forth and multiply, but $50 is bullshit
    can someone post on strike gently that all this content is free here?
    Or would that bring an influx of morons? It’s always a toss-up on whether you’re gonna get funny morons…

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