So, can we talk about some Islam now?

Did the little wookie get tired and haffa go beddie bye?  Yes?  Then I win.

Did the little wookie get tired and haffa go beddie bye?  Yes?  Then I win.

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49 thoughts on “So, can we talk about some Islam now?”

  1. We Americans are so bad, that in America we execute children before they can even commit a crime. We yank ’em out of their mothers and scrape ’em out of the wombs of teenagers and shit.  Is that what you mean?  Because we actually do you know.

  2. Don’t be daft. If that was the case there would be campaigns in organisations like Amnesty International to stop child executions in the USA and a small number of others that murder kids.

    And there aren’t any such campaigns, are there?

  3. If you on one miraculous day begin to respond correctly by actually hitting “reply” on the post you are replying to, I will celebrate by NOT executing an innocent, retarded, hungry, Negro, orphan child in your honor. Until then shutthefuckup. Reply properly, or the kid gets it.

  4. LOL!!!  If he ever manages to get free, he can have me banned! 

    Just curious. Have you ever felt the least bit personally threatened by me? How about anyone by else on here? 

  5. Of course I have, two of my sisters are muslims and what you say threatens my family and therefore me, personally.

    But I’ve been hanging around on forums for years and years, I’ve seen this whole (you know what I’m talking about) scenario played out so many times it’s ridiculous (but still slightly amusing). I know better than to feel even the slightest bit perturbed by threats or hate mail, or hate speech.

    The overwhelming majority of people are far too busy with real life to give the matter even a very brief moments thought once logged off.

    The internet is full of fucking idiots that are full of shit and really very full of idle threats, and it’s full of spineless fucking cowards that hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

  6. You felt threatened by me? Bullshit. Again, you lie. Unless you mistakenly thought I somewhere indicated that I would personally do something to directly hurt you or your family, you are being a totally disingenuous, crybaby, chickenshit liar, as usual.  Not surprising. Not the least bit. You will say anything to try and prove your point, won’t you?  Tell your sisters I said I’m sorry they have such low opinions of themselves.  Then run.

  7. I know.

    I mean if you were stressed it’d show, because you’d launch into aggressive and hateful rants.

    “You guys need better drugs.” That’s easy for you to say.

  8. Not merely aggressive and hateful rants.  It’s really quite simple and I’m amazed that more people haven’t figured it out. I simply respond with a larger dose of whatever I’m being given by the person I’m responding to.  I just constantly up the ante.  Sometimes (rarely) people keep upping it right back to me until they lose their fucking minds in blind anger and make insane bets (or threats). They run out of wiggle room. They try and go Kamikaze on me. That’s when I call. 

    You always reap a little more of what you sow with me.  I’m generous like that. 

  9. But they don’t have to stick to what is fine with _you_.

    They do what is fine with _them_.

    Your ‘not nice’ is their love-butter and they want to give it to you.

  10. Actually, they really do have to stick with what is “fine with me”.  There is so much raw assumption up your ass, I don’t see how your farts escape. 

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