69 thoughts on “Should i get fucked up tonight, ghetto?”

  1. dude i love pot, but i cant smoke any right now, i get drug tested and i just stopped for the school year. i had this stuff laying around so i decided to make use of it.

  2. that reminds me and I’m not trying to detract from the conversation or draw attention to me or anything but do you guys think I should brush my teeth tonight I was kinda going to just go to bed and I just had some marble rye toast for a snack is that okay

  3. i forgot all about that comment, but it’s true. i’m too light to rip it, so i have to cut myself loose like james franco in that movie. 

    also, i do not consume any drugs or alcohol except for caffeine. i’m trying to stay away from the harder stuff like aspirin or ibuprofin.
  4. thanks for all your help guys and not being judgemental 3 times a day straights I mean it’s like what’s the big push for floss do I really need to make my gums bleed that much more

  5. warning signs:

    1. jamaican flag in the background and you’re (apparently) white, which means either you idolize pot culture while ignoring the actual country (much like flying a US flag because you love mcdonalds) OR you are a white jamaican in which case you’re why people live in shanties all over the island so you should OD immediately
    2. pills in sandwich baggies.  that is some school age raver-baby shit right there, not conducive to responsible anything
    3. “i quit [smoking pot] for the school year” which should not be necessary if you have control of your periodic toking
    4. you come looking for ghetto advice on whether to take drugs in baggies which again should not be necessary if you are in control
    5. you own a pair of tits, and did not expose them for us

    i hope you develop a healthier relationship with your recreational drug use because these are not good signs.  only you can know whether or not you can or should get high, and what your limits are.  do not ask the ghetto, we will get you killed even faster

  6. i buried my friend today. she died of a drug overdose. kinda caught me on the one day where im gunna say. dont do those fucking things. are you stupid?

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