this shit…

so… i was clean for almost 3 years, now i have this in my hands again…
what should i do? take it or not?

so… i was clean for almost 3 years, now i have this in my hands again…
what should i do? take it or not?

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  1. Been in the same position and have been clean since 2007.  I just keep reminding myself how dried out and brittle and awful I’d feel after coming down. All the times I called out of work after polishing off an 8-ball.

    So, do it in bumps over the next month or two and you should be fine.  Have fun!
  2. So by now you already snorted, because you were looking for an excuse. And one of the posts on here set it off. Making it justifiable in your own head.
    But even  if you didn’t post on here you would’ve found a way to confrim yourself into doing it. you bought it didn’t you? …such a waste to trow it away…
    maybe if I do the thing that one huy said, y’know divide it in a couple of portions…. Look here’s what I think. clearly you’re not a strong willed person at the moment.
    But if you haven’t done it yet, try to think back to the time what made you wanted to stop in the first place. If you think you can do it once and leave it at that. do it.
    But if you think, if only for one moment “hey this might come back and bite me in the ass somehow. DON’T! flush it down the toilet.
    I’m not saying this because I’m an expert on addictions, I’m just talking from my own experiences. I myself am an occasional user. But right now I have a lot going on for
    myself so I’m not doing it to keep me happy. Not to say that’s never going to happen. But I do know that if you’re doing it because you’re in a bad place, the chances
    of becoming addicted again are way higher. So think about it.

  3. meth boosts your dopamine levels to X1200 % of normal for 8-12 hours, coke about half that high for 45 minutes. Anyone who uses coke has made a conscious decision to be inefficient. P.S. If you got this far, that shit’s going up that straw. Should’ve called your sponsor hours ago.

  4. Well, yesterday i snort that line, today call the dealer delivery and snort 6 or 7 lines, i cant remember right now,  in the bathroom of my job, and now, i’m at home, sitting and posting this here, and calling the dealer again, so i’m fucked up.

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