Saturday, September 3 @ 11:27:55 pm

Add or comment on those that affected your lives.

Also ahead of time, fuck you. I’m proud of this autoplay.

Add or comment on those that affected your lives.

Also ahead of time, fuck you. I’m proud of this autoplay.

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  1. Was acquainted with this 19 year old many years ago. He witnessed something which made him go a bit crazy, so I think he was institutionalised for a bit. Then he’d have panic attacks daily around the time it happened. He was eventually institutionalised again and hung himself. I think this was 2005. I felt terrible for his mother. She wrote me a letter about a month after the funeral asking if he showed any signs of wanting to end his life. He didn’t. He acted pretty happy before and after.
    May not have been the hugest affect, but I was affected nonetheless. He was a cool kid.

  2. a good friend i grew up with hung himself a few years ago, leaving behind a fiancee (also a very good friend of mine) and a 1 year old daughter.  we all kind of think it was a cry for attention gone horribly wrong…like he didn’t really intend to kill himself, but rather wanted to be found attempting to do so.

    back in the late 70s my mother’s best friend got a call from her husband.  not sure what all went down, but he ended up blowing his brains out while he was on the phone with her.  that’s got to be a pretty fucked up thing to have to deal with.
  3. Never had anyone I was close to off themselves, but I did have a close friend die at a young age from a somewhat rare disease.  I keep the memorial card I got at his wake in a frame close to my desk, and I look at it at least twice a day.  I miss him.

  4. I’ve lost a lot of friends over the past ten years from pain medication alone, not suicides but really sad still. Got to love good ol’ south Florida and the countless pill mills down here. BTW this is the first song that has not bothered me being autoplayed.

  5. Three in recent years – an acquaintance who was beloved by my younger brother’s group of friends whose death was impactful on them and characteristic of the heroin epidemic in this area and upon their age group, although it was accidental; a guy with whom I wasn’t close but knew through daily online interactions, also by heroin, very purposefully; and a close friend’s mother, whose increasing craziness I saw firsthand despite only being around her a handful of times, who chose a pretty shocking means – 12 gauge to the chest – in the basement of the home she rented with her son and our mutual friend.

    My paternal great grandmother drowned herself, but well before I was born. Suicides can be jarring, disturbing when outside one’s family, so I can only imagine how those who lose immediate / extended family members or really anyone with whom they’re close must feel.
  6. The gist of your argument seemed to be “A greater number of people will miss him than you ergo he was a better person / his life was more valuable.” I’m sure he was a real mensch, those videos’re just queer to the marrow

  7. Life is such a quick trip anyway and so open in the rules of what you do in this game we play of existence that killing yourself is such a stupid stupid waste.

    I mean I understand the mindset that one makes that choice in, but such a waste because you can change your perspectives and things you are focusing on…or time will do that for you if you just give yourself a little more time of life.  
    I think our culture would be better off it if put much more shame on suicide.  I understand that makes it even more difficult of an experience for the loved ones involved, but for those who have not made the choice, it might sway them a better way…

  8. My Mom came into my room when I was 13 and told me about Chris Farley dying.   I cried and watched “Tommy Boy”.  This was right around the time I started to question the God factor.  

    Chris Farley dies= There is no God.
    Was at work when Hunter S. Thompson’s death news came.  Listened to the Fear and Loathing soundtrack in the dish pit.  Bought the tribute issue of Rolling Stone.  Decided suicide was okay.  The world is some times cruel and not all people are fit to survive the shit storms of life.
    Never had a friend do it, but have known people that attempted it.  One guy tried twice and failed.  In his lifetime he also got into a major car wreck that destroyed his face.  Still didn’t die.  Outlived his wife and is still pushing through years of emphysema.  Some people just don’t get a break.  He’s also one of my favorite people in this world, which I am happy he failed at suicide.

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