71 thoughts on “Saturday, September 17 @ 5:42:46 pm”

  1. I didn’t like Hamburgerhill as much as the others. Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, even others just seemed less forced than this one. I don’t know – I might need to watch the whole thing again.

  2. I foresee a day coming very soon when they will be a great collision of douchebags, pranksters and asshats and there will 5+ autoplays on a single page thus making SG a complete and total clusterfuck,,,,and BTW this may in fact be the most stupid and fucking obnoxious one yet and if I had anything to do with it I would ban your ass for this stupid shit,,,

  3. Autoplay shitstorm continues. I’ve been explaining patiently to some that autoplay is effortlessly stoppable on the spot by one mouse click, with popular, easy to find web browsing tools, but I’m outta patience for now – you guys who bitch about autoplay is DUMB.

  4. multiple autoplays on one page happen all the time. they are just
    removed relatively quickly by your loyal, patience, and wise (also very
    good looking) mod and admin staff!

  5. It’s the principal. I keep my speakers turned down anyway. It’s a pathetic attempt for attention when you have no other option. It’s sad really.

  6. The basic principal of this feature on SG, way I see it, and I’m very sure it’s not just me, is some homies who do not need attention, autoplaying good shit for my convenience of not having to press play on their post and enjoying SG with some fine musical background they were kind enough to dig out and post.

    The feature can of course be abused by some completely devoid of class trolls to post noise, but then they are absolutely no problem for those who know how to use the site. So any complainers can easily be recognized as whiny bitches and attention craving trolls as well. And also be ignored.

  7. I think you just enjoy arguing, and you aren’t ignoring me, if I’m who you’re calling a “whiny bitch”. It would be no problem to install Flashblock, but you’re basically trying to force people to listen to shit that interests you. If anyone thinks it looks interesting, they should be allowed to choose to click it or not.

  8. you are a thoroughbred Polack if you see auto play as saving you the “convenience of not having to push play”….. truly the dumbest fucking thing i have heard on the topic.  it is just not a nice thing to do to force something on somebody else. and i do have them blocked, but in principle those who do this are fucktards, for life.

  9. And who the fuck are you? Wait, I don’t give a flying fuck since your idea of introducing yourself is telling me how much of a dumb polack I am. Get the fuck out of my face, punk.

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