Road Trip to DC and Richmond

Made a new friend…Looks like fucking Martin Lawrence lmao


Richmond, GWARBAR, and Hollywood Cemetery

The Cemetery is fucking poppin for a bunch of stiffs. It’s huge and bust like a state park. Great place to roll up in a smoke a blunt.

Kanye’s decapitated head over my shoulder

I met and got to hang out with Don Drakulich AKA Sleazy P. Martini and he gave me a tour of the newest slave pit.

This is the old original slave pit.

We all need

Author: Gizzardsnatcher

High-tech Redneck in Dixie

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6 thoughts on “Road Trip to DC and Richmond”

  1. Ok so Imma need your PoGo barcode for one…

    I was scrollin in this goin I know some rednecks still think that Richmond is the capitol but not to many go to the capitol and think they’re in Richmond…

    Nice OC!

  2. DC was a beautiful place, but full of very rude people who have no idea what personal space is. By far the best thing in DC are that the weed laws are very gray and I was able to score some great carts, bud, and edibles from 2 wook chicks and an Iranian holed up in a suite at a hotel around the corner lol. After about 3 days we had to flee the Capitol because even a simple sandwich was like 15 dollars. I almost broke my bank account, and had to flee to Richmond where prices for hotel rooms are actually sane.

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