43 thoughts on “response to 99%”

  1. of course none of them seem to ask the question “why is it so fucking hard to make ends meet in the richest country on earth” but instead assume that 60-hour work weeks and shit health insurance should be just dandy.  they also seem to assume that paying income taxes means they pay more in tax than do people who don’t make enough money to pay income tax (most of whom are also employed, and working multiple jobs but none full time because employers don’t want to have to offer basic benefits).  in fact, people who don’t pay income tax arguably pay more of their income in taxes–use taxes and fees–than do middle class douchebags like this.

    they tell stories of shit that shouldn’t exist in a world with an equitable distribution of wealth between those who work and those who own, and somehow that invalidates the point against corporate greed?  assholes.

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