Random Birds from my backyard.

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20 thoughts on “Random Birds from my backyard.”

  1. One of our neighbors had their cat taken by one. Mostly the coyotes and the bobcat are responsible for quieting the area. Most of the people around me are old retirees and have those annoying tiny dogs that bark all fucking night. 

    One evening when I was driving home from work a pack of coyotes walked across the street with one having a good sized white puff in its mouth. The next day there was hundreds of those lost dog posters everywhere. We get a lot of morons from other states that move in around me and don’t know what the desert is like. They just let their cats out and never see them again. 
    The other thing we get a lot of is the assholes that just abandon their dogs and cats. We’ve saved a lot of dogs and two cats from either being coyote food or buzzard food. 
    I still have a ton of pictures of the other wildlife that comes around but I need a better Image host, currently i’m using failbucket and imageshack. :/

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