23 thoughts on “Prostitutes”

  1. This post brought to you by shame, religion, and the drug/prison/industrial machine…SEX IS FUN AND HEALTHY AND NO ONE IS UNFUCKABLE!!!!  jesus fucking christ, so fucking sick and tired of the of our honest animal drives and how money has made it so disgusting, how it pits women against men, classes and age groups, endless ways of separating who is sexually worthy, and it ultimately comes down to the fact that sexual access is how we are controlled…we are, despite our cell phones etc, those fucking monkeys wielding a stick. Fuck. Tic Tac fucking Toe. Sorry Swollen Goods, but your posts have been bringing up all the words.

  2. Don’t apologize. I like it when my posts bring up discussion or revulsion or intrigue.

    Any reaction punches my ticket and validates my efforts to inform, shock, repulse and of course bring unbridled joy to you all.

    My only regret is that no one has yet to mention the origin of the crust on that one whores vagina. To mine it looks fecal but that doesn’t make sense.

  3. If I do not shower three or better 4 weeks for reasons of scientific studies,
    my back has even a crust, that when it is rubbed with a towel, that towel looks after
    quite terrible.

     I mean, it is flesh out of my flesh, mixed with true clean  dirt.
    Maybe I should collect it and try  to grow something never seen before out of it?

    Long story, short sense: The ‘crust’ of the redhead terror person in my opinion,
    only by poor hygiene or and/even the abrasion of rubber of dozens condoms
    plus remainss of dried vaginal lubrication products :p

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