73 thoughts on “post your dream ride SG”

  1. My current ride I parked next to another Grand Prix to show the ride height difference. I lowered my car 2 inches front and back. (mine is silver)

  2. friend of mine got one of  those for his 16th birthday (legal driving age in Holland = 18,) had loads of fun driving it around on his parents estate. They also had one of these:

  3. ’69 Camaros are and have always been my favorite pony car. They just have such hard lines and a great stance and yet keep the body style of the first gen Camaros.

  4. I had a lot of great times in the back seat and sitting shotgun in a black Grand, those cars are so comfy and pretty quick despite their size. My buddy had the speedo function that shot it up on the windsheild, which I always thought was soooooo cool. We had a couple good years of pretending to be just another yuppie while smoking blunts with tinted windows.

  5. Dude, if you’re gonna get an MR2, get one of the 80s first-gen models.  The seats are infinitely more comfortable, and the handling was designed and built by Lotus, so the fuckers corner like they’re on rails.  My dad is on his 2nd one, and I will never forget the look on his face the first time he was riding shotgun when I put it around a corner marked for 30mph at 75 without so much as a chirp from the tires.

  6. I actually got rid of the car…owned it for a couple of years and got bored with it….it’s funny you mentioned the first gen MR2, I haven’t seen one for a long time and recently drove past one a couple of days ago. 

  7. not a dreamcar, but a funmobile. FIAT 126 convertible
    my brother and I bought this one last summer.(not this excact one because I keep on forgetting to take pictures of it, ours is white and got flames on the side. HELL YEAH!)
    but the weather has been real sucky this year. so we didn’t ge a chance to cruise around in this baby. 

    My dreamride is this: The Marauder

  8. My first Karmann Ghia (a 1970):
    I crashed it after an ice storm, but then I bought a new rolling chassis (also a ’70) and started this:

    Too bad we moved to Maine where I can only drive it 5 months out of the year once it’s finished :/

  9. more like Cobra Roadster, but this isn’t one, this is a kit car that you make on a mustang frame.

    that being said, some of the kit cars are far superior to the originals, but the originals very rarely had the side exit exhaust.

    and if they did have the side exhaust, it was a less obnoxious. Sorry to be a know it all, but my father and my brother made one when I was like 12, and so I picked up what I could.

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