12 thoughts on “plush television OC”

    1. I’ve been coming to spaceghetto for years. This is original content that my buddy and I made in iMovie. I thought it was something that the people here might enjoy. People put their original artwork, music, etc. on here.

      I suggest not looking at it if it upsets you so much.

      1. Who do you think you are to give me orders?

        SG is an image board.

        Stay with your shitty crap away or i will ban you immediately.

        No further discussion

        1. Ban me because I stood up for myself? I won’t ever post here again or donate another dime. Take it down. Censor me. Ban away.

        2. Getting a little harsh, Delay. This wasn’t for me either, but there’s no need to rip on anyone. They’re just trying to show off some of their work. Others self promote their stuff here as well. I’ve done it myself.

          For instance, here’s my latest Illustrator drawing. Now everyone proceed to suck my dick in admiration of my incredible skills.

          1. Thank you. He could have approached me in a much kinder fashion. He represents spaceghetto. I now know that I shouldn’t post videos. Fair enough.

  1. It kinda sucked in my opinion.  There was no flow to keep my attention and it was lacking making sense.  Better luck next time.

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