27 thoughts on “plug-in, baby.”

  1. The ONLY way I found the goddamn song was seeing the title of this post. Don’t you know some of us are listening to far better shit than this?! So you made my shit sound like shit and made me not give a fuck about the shit you posted… 

  2. I still don’t do anal, but that doesn’t mean I won’t subject someone else to it 😀

    I can’t remember a time when I was bugged by autoplay either, I always keep my sound off on my computer. 
  3. giving or receiving, you’re still doing anal. 

    i used to hate autoplay, any autoplay at all.

    now i can see it is appropriate at certain times.

    we are evolving constantly, no?

  4. I didn’t say they were good, I just said they were better than your lame ass bullshit your shoving down my throat. Sometimes I listen to music while I browse SG or I listen to a podcast or what have you. If I wanted to listen to music and didn’t already queue up my own I would click on something on SG, so there is no situation where ear rape is appropriate in my opinion.

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