6 thoughts on “Old and Dirty”

  1. It might just be me, but only after I log in, I see post that are “hidden”. It like when I’m public, I only see the last post which is from April 12th. And there are at least 3 posts after that date. Is this by design or am I being an idiot?

    1. My computer is mostly logged in all of the time. I can see all of the posts. When I view from the dashboard the only ones I can’t see are drafts.

  2. Same with me!  I thought nobody was posting.  But I found the problem after I logged in and saw that there were posts after the 12th.  So I tried the Spaceghetto link at the top of the dashboard… and voila… there were all the up-to-date posts.  Seems that my saved bookmark didn’t actually have the www in the link. I don’t know what changed after the 12th… but a simple copy & paste of the URL fixed my bookmarks.

  3. Just my two cents but I like the public nature of the website. I like that anonymous people can click through and be like wtf, or hey this is sick, etc. Make all your posts public!! I got really scared that the ghetto went to sleep.

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