27 thoughts on “Oh! a parking spot right up front! :D”

  1. As close as this accident was to me and my friends/family, I’m definitely going to have to edit some Return of the Jedi clips into this. Namely the A-wing who crashes into the bridge.

  2. This crash changed my mind about how a large aircraft can basically turn itself into dust when crashing. 

    Still not sure about Building 7 though…
  3. If going fast enough, the airplane can come apart so quickly that the fuel essentially is too lean to burn, and is blown away from the scene before it can ignite. The same could happen with a jetliner if the angle and speed were correct. I’m not going to comment on the 9/11 thing – but it’s definitely possible.

    I will say, however, that it is important to remember that steel does not have to melt to fail. The temperature in which steel loses a valuable percentage of its structural rigidity is far below its melting point. Any fire with a enough fuel (wood, paper, carpet, metal, gasoline) and enough oxygen can fuck up some steel, yo. Remember that overpass in Oakland that failed because a truck caught on fire underneath it?

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