Occupied Now? Who cares. Obama obviously shits wherever he wants.

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31 thoughts on “Occupied Now? Who cares. Obama obviously shits wherever he wants.”

  1. Really? Is that it? Is that all you can come up with? I wasn’t kidding when I said that you are, and always be, pathetic.

    I’ll let you get on to your klan meeting. This is just getting too sad.


  2. STILL can’t respond properly huh?  Wadda fucking retard!  Glad to see you just gave up which of course means I won by default.  I knew I would one way or another.  You can’t even respond to this now without showing what a lying fucking pussy you are.  And if you don’t respond, it shows what a crying fucking pussy you are. 

    You are now in a lose/lose situation which makes you a FAIL/FAIL.  lol…. first one I’ve ever seen! Good job!

  3. Your comprehension is atrocious. But that’s not surprising since you sound like a 10 year old. Where does it say that I’m not going to reply anymore? And what did you win, exactly? You must not have much going on in your pathetic life to get all excited over something like this. You’re almost starting to make me feel sorry for you.

    I said almost.

  4. Your childish response was virtually guaranteed! And your absolute refusal to respond properly is hilarious.  You are the most easily controlled retard EVAR!  Don’t believe me? … watch this….

    Respond again you fucking retard!  If you don’t you’re just a chickenshit Jewbaby pussyboy.   

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