31 thoughts on “OC: so worth it.”

  1. your avatar is killing me, I used to have this game on nintendo. If I remember correctly you could surf, skateboard, & do some other sport?
    The game has a long name (southern miami wet & wild somthing-nother??) & it was HARD as fuck & sucked balls, but for some reason I
    remember playing it for hours. I remember being able to choose between 3 or 4 diffrent people also, I think one was a cat in a tux? It really
    was a retarded game, but a golden childhood memory, Thanks!

  2. t & C surf design was the name of the game and the characters i remember 4, some dude with elvis hair, another dude wearing a tikki mask, the gorilla, and the cat in the tux.  game was awesome man, not retarded at all!

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