OC: Cab Driving part Duece

And a bed time story for catlady and aluzhun in the comments…

And a bed time story for catlady and aluzhun in the comments…

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30 thoughts on “OC: Cab Driving part Duece”

  1. You know what, it’s an awesome job at times. But I’ll tell ya what, it SUCKS YOUR FUCKING SOUL! It can get really depressing and ugly. It can consume your entire life. And there are times when you need to have a lot of compassion, maybe more than you really knew ya had in the first place. And there’s times when you just have no choice but to be an absolute supreme fucking asshole. The money use to be really good. Not so much anymore. That’s pretty much how I got booted out of it. No money. 

  2. friends of mine drove cabs in ann arbor

    what finally sent them off it wasn’t the declining pay as much as the new command from dispatch that they had to clean up the puke in their own cabs.  fuck that in a college town.

    did you ever get lucky from a fare?

  3. Well I always carried something for people to puke in if they needed to. It rarely happened. And if I thought they were going to, I would tell them they had to carry the bag, otherwise get the fuck out of my car. Two phrases I heard before someone puked A) oh dude I shouldn’t have had that last shot, or B) nah, I’m cool, I ain’t gonna puke bleeeeeeeeeeeghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yeah, I had some fun here and there with a few ladies. None pictured here unfortunately.

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